FS2 program

FS2 program

FS2 program (4 - 6 years)

This is a special class for the older children in the school, with a balance of structured activities, free play and hands-on learning activities. We will be focusing on phonics, blending, decoding, sight words, science experiments, and math concepts. Cooking, music, and movement will be taught and they prepare the children to enter kindergarten or first grade.


In Montessori, mathematics unfolds uniquely, grounded in hands-on experiences. Concrete math materials enable students to explore number properties and concepts practically. This innovative method introduces advanced ideas early, allowing six-year-olds to handle large calculations up to millions. Tailored learning encourages a thorough understanding of abstract mathematical concepts. In lower elementary, the curriculum covers diverse areas: place value, fundamental operations, fractions, geometry, measurement, and problem-solving. This flexibility fosters exploration beyond boundaries. As in language, mathematics is seamlessly integrated across the curriculum. In math, children first master numbers 0-10, learning quantity, symbols, and sequence. They progress to the decimal system, understanding the tenfold progression between number categories. This foundation primes them for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Manipulative tools foster comprehension of large and small number differences. Older students acquire number facts early, reducing the need for extensive memorization. Montessori’s approach to math ultimately nurtures understanding, practicality, and lifelong mathematical engagement.


The language program fosters comprehensive language acquisition and expression in toddlers. Through stories, songs, and vocabulary activities, children develop strong literacy foundations. Additionally, music, a “universal language” is integrated into the program to enhance sensory experiences, while hands-on techniques for grammar, word study, and vocabulary replace rote memorization. Real-world applications, research, and creative writing are emphasized, enabling confident engagement with the wider world. This program nurtures a love for reading, writing, and effective communication.

Cultural Subjects

Cultural subjects encompass history, geography, botany, zoology, music, and art history. Children delve into world continents using a puzzle map. After mastering continent names, they progress to country names, alongside identifying flags and key landforms (lake, island, isthmus, strait, cape, bay, etc.). The geography area introduces them to the captivating tapestry of global cultures, fueling their curiosity and understanding.


The Arts program promotes a balanced blend of skill instruction and free creative exploration. It nurtures children's innate desire for self-expression through non-verbal means and connects art with their daily lives in areas like math, nature, cooking, and sports. This program serves as a channel for unique self-expression and cultivating a sense of belonging in the world. Both individual and group projects are facilitated by our Montessori guides and supplemented by weekly art lessons with our Arts specialist.


Science comes to life for elementary-aged children as keen observers of the world, driven by curiosity about the "why" and "how" behind natural phenomena. In the Montessori elementary classroom, their inquisitiveness is nurtured through captivating stories known as the five Great Lessons. These stories provide a foundation for subsequent studies, beginning with "The Story of the Universe." This initial lesson introduces fundamental scientific concepts through hands-on experiments and illustrative charts. Following this introduction, students delve into various scientific domains, ranging from botany and zoology to physical and earth sciences. Engaging in a sequence akin to the scientific method, they progress from observation to hypothesis, experimentation, data analysis, and conclusion. This approach transforms students into active participants, not just learners, allowing them to embrace science firsthand.

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