FS1 Program

FS1 program

3 - 4 Years

In the FS1 class, children are ready to be exposed to the full range of Montessori materials and hands on learning materials and experiences in Practical Life, Sensorial, Math, Science, Pre-Reading and early stages of Writing, Science and Geography and of course, free play and Music. Our AMI-trained Montessori guides, specialized in “Assistants to Infancy”, focus on the unique developmental needs of this phase, fostering intellectual, emotional, social, and physical growth through various activities like cooking, storytelling, and self-help skills. With rare exception, children must be fully toilet trained before participating in our FS1 Class.

Practical Life

Within the Practical Life program, children engage in activities that nurture self-care and environmental responsibility. Tasks like sewing, sweeping, food preparation, polishing, and dishwashing are featured. Young children are drawn to this area due to its water-based activities, which encourage them to exercise their newfound independence. In the process, they develop crucial qualities such as independence, concentration, muscular control, and coordination.


Sensorial materials play a crucial role in aiding children to categorize and refine their sensory impressions. These materials are designed to target various sensory aspects, including visual perceptions like size, shape, and color; tactile impressions such as hardness, softness, roughness, and smoothness; auditory perceptions involving loudness, softness, and musical tones; and materials that engage olfactory and taste perceptions. Through these materials, children enhance their precision and observation skills, becoming more attuned to their surroundings.

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