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Why ChooseEarly Bird Montessori?

At Early Bird Montessori, our focus is on developing independent, capable, and flourishing children through our Montessori-based programs. Our approach instills in children the belief that they can achieve extraordinary things, fostering self-confidence and a solid foundation for life.

Love of Learning

We provide engaging materials that bring the world to the child's level, allowing them to pursue interests and acquire knowledge on their own terms. This approach nurtures a genuine love for learning and encourages a sense of accomplishment.

Love of Effort

Our environment is designed to support children's developmental needs. By giving them tools, guidance, and routines, we empower them to embrace challenges and derive satisfaction from the entire process, including goal setting, concentration, problem-solving, and learning from mistakes.

Love of Leading Their Own Life

Our curriculum captivates children's attention and aligns with their developmental stage. With small class sizes, a personalized curriculum, and a diverse, skilled staff, we enable children to take charge of their education and confidently navigate their educational journey.

ChooseEBM to give your child

Nurtured independence and capability
Genuine love for learning.
Appreciation for the value of effort.
Empowerment to lead their own life.
Engaging, individualized education.
Experienced, diverse teaching team.
American curriculum foundation.


We are a community of lifelong learners offering children the freedom and ability to reach their full potential. Together as a community, we ensure the children of Early Bird Montessori are given the opportunity to explores the many avenues of learning to prepare them to become leaders of tomorrow.


The children of Early Bird Montessori are the leaders of tomorrow. Our goal at Early Bird Montessori is to nurture and expand the minds of young children by providing a safe and peaceful environment. We believe in Montessori philosophy which supports the child’s cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development. At Early Bird Montessori, we value cultural diversity, creativity, and academics. Our teachers are dedicated to supporting and encouraging the growth of each individual child. We achieve this through observations, consistency, and thorough attention.

Join us at EBM and lay the groundwork for your child's confident, self-directed, and successful future.

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